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Marine Management

With its large coastline, booming oil exploration activities and galloping consumer market, India is the prime area for opportunities in coastal, oilfield (on shore and offshore) and shipping activities.

The scope of Marine Management is to provide Complete Manpower Management and Technical Operation and include skilled personnel for carrying out complete maintenance and repairs at the best cost and time.

The Company attaches a great amount of importance to the existing goodwill with other organizations and is in a position to expedite things smoothly to the benefit of the client and all concerned. With its unique combination of engineering expertise and operational experience, the Company is well configured to cater to great efficient management of International Standards, economically, within the reach of owners and clients and to their complete satisfaction.

Our Scope Of Work And Responsibility Includes:

– Provide and manage manpower in all ranks including Master, Chief Engineer, Chief Mate, Second Engineer, Second Mate, Third Engineer, Bosun, AB Seaman, Ordinary Seaman, Fitter, Welder, Motorman, Oiler, Catering Staff, Tug Master, Radio Officer, etc.

– Assist in all operations of manning, maintenance, and up keep of marine equipment and spares on the vessels and offshore rig and for carrying out repairs, thereto as requested by Company.

– Be responsible for maintenance, repair and up keeping of all survey items & navigational aids on board.

– Assist company in arranging for periodical survey including ISM Certification and obtaining the renewal endorsement of various competent authorities required for the operations of the unit under the existing laws, rules and regulations of Govt. of India and classification societies as applicable or any other organization required by law/ underwriters including any amendment thereof.

– Supervising & training with regards to navigational safety, and safety of personnel, fire fighting and other safety aspects.

– Our personnel deployed on the rig will be responsible for carrying out operations and maintenance as per company’s approved Safety Management System and applicable, manual related to ISM Code.

– Supply any and all required marine technical intelligence/ support, time to time and when requested.

– Spares, stores supply and cost / Inventory Control

– Reporting System to Owners

In short, as the Company enjoys good success and goodwill in the Indian Market scenario, and it can be envisaged that the owners can entrust complete operation, or even part operations such as Crew Manning or Training, etc., as the client demands and assuredly to their satisfaction.